Friday, 23 March 2007

Time Travel Musical Bazaar on Phuj Phactory

Tune in to Ergo Phizmiz's Phuj Phactory show on Wednesday March 28th for a special one-off co-production with The Travelling Mongoose, a sneak preview of what The Time Travel Musical Bazaar will sound like.

"The Travelling Mongoose
Wednesday, March 28th, 7pm - 8pm
on Phuj Phactory with Ergo Phizmiz

For one week only the Phuj Phactory will be a co-production with musician and composer The Travelling Mongoose. Recorded live on portable turntables on a kitchen table, deep in the countryside of South-West England, just outside Scoriton where people keep being abducted by aliens. Expect a soundclash of classical music, acid, and bossa-nova, mixed live like a hot vegetable casserole."

Hear it at WFMU, and see the complete playlists and archives for Phuj Phactory HERE.

Coming soon to WFMU ....

A weekly podcast coming soon to WFMU, "The Time Travel Musical Bazaar, with Ergo Phizmiz & The Travelling Mongoose". This will be a thirty minute slab of junk-shop vinyl mixed live to disk on four portable turntables. Improvisational soundclashes of bossa-nova, acid, banjo party, ragtime, and whatever else the junkshop throws up.

Each podcast will be accompanied by new content right here on this blog, with pictures of the recording sessions, the records used, ramblings and nonsense, full lists of all source material, exclusive mp3 content, and much more. More or less.

Watch this space, see you in the time machine ...