Monday, 28 May 2007

Norman's Attic : Volume Two

This week in the time-machine, disaster results in new approaches to time-travelling! The window at the top of the time-machine was left wide open on a sunny day, which became a rainy night, during which time Ergo & The Mongoose used conventional transport to travel a mere 100 miles away (with a few detours). Returning to the time-machine, they found a thoroughly washed mixer, and many drenched records. Fortunately amplifier, turntables, and recording facilities were left unwashed.

Phew! The mixer now sits by a radiator, soaking up the heat and hopefully soaking out the soak.

But there was a podcast to make! What resulted was attaching two Vestax turntables to the left and right inputs of the amplifier, placing the Dansette monarch next to them, and then miking up the three speakers.

By the time this has been figured out, it was very late in the day. Maybe that is why what has resulted is a very quiet, slow and spacey mix. Which the time-travellers are pretty happy with.

Using the next batch of records found in Norman's Attic, no pre-monitoring, and no effects, we hear Don Williams (incidentally also the name of Ergo's grandfather) singing with the Geoff Love Choir, multiple versions of Concerto de Aranjuez bouncing off each other, a Camel carrying a Snow Goose, a bizarre man at the piano with an eyeless woman, and a very warped Dvorak New World Symphony.

The main visual anomaly of the set, though, was definitely this disturbing shot of Nicholas Nicholas playing piano, accompanied by the woman with no eyeballs ....

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Monday, 21 May 2007

Norman's Attic : Volume One

This week on TTMB, an ubermix of 80s and classical music cats, from a pile of records discovered in the attic of a man called Norman (the pictured lady is not Norman).

No pre-listening, straight to the studio within ten minutes of discovering the records, spontaneous junk mix of prog, Belinda Carlisle, Beethoven, Black Box, and non-stop rock!

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Next week, Norman's Attic : Volume Two!

Some discoveries and phenomena ...

Monday, 14 May 2007

Sweaty Satch and String Vest

This week in the time-machine, further shenanigens with broken CDrs and lock-grooves (see last week's blog-entry for Blue Peter style demonstration. Swathes of classical guitar clashing with jazz, acid, and Erik Satie. Along the way we picked up Spike Jones and his City Slickers, then dropped them off the 16th century to alter the course of musical history. Lockgroovetastic!

A fairly minimal blog this week, because en-route to the Battle of Hastings in the time-machine we realised we'd forgotten the camera. Instead, feast your eyes on this blue tuba!

And a man in a string vest ...

We tried to find a picture of a vest in a string-man, but no luck ....
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Monday, 7 May 2007

Things to make and do .....

This week we went all handicraft in the time-machine, travelling through the ages armed with scissors and blu-tack, making origami animals as we mixed a lockgroovetastic lovefest of jazz, bossa-nova, and spacetime samba.

Four turntables, four broken CDrs, eight pieces of blu-tack, one-delay button, one very late night, one intense time-travelling experience.

To your right is a picture of the inside of our refrigator.

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(And if that's not enough time-travelling for you, you can hear our recent TTMB 3 hour WFMU show HERE)