Monday, 9 April 2007

The Time Machine opens its doors!

Welcome to the Time Machine! A chaotic mix of junkshop goodness this week, with recurring interjections from Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich slapping the skins like hot tuna on a wet bottom. A man with a very tedious voice talks about the Companies Act, while sipping a Tequila Sunrise, a barrel-organist enters the room, orders some hot bratwurst sausages, which are abruptly stolen by Tubby the Tuba, who is murdered by the drummer. And then a short delay. And some cheap jazz for those Saturday evenings when you have no alcohol and your dog has died.

Mix created live on four portable and vintage turntables, no headphones, you don't know what you're going to get when the needle hits the record. Able assistance provided by the delay button on the mixer. Copious amounts of chance, chants, red wine, and Belgian beer.

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Images of the debris ....

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Head Chef said...

I loved the first episode/mix and I love the idea. I have a podcast It's discussion based and very geeky but we play unsigned artists and intresting mp3's. We get about 300 downloads a month and I was wondering if I could play a bit of the mix and talk about TTTMB to direct intrested listeners here?