Sunday, 15 April 2007

Under Red Skies

This week the time-machine travelled beneath skies to delight Shepherds the world over, through time and space to bring you a slapdash mix from a haberdashery of Parisian jazz clashing then eventually chatting with Erik Satie, when they realise they're not so different as they first presumed. Fellow time-traveller Dr Who pops in for a quick beer or wine of his preference, and brings along a collection of mechanical-music from the past 500 years or so. Across time in Russia, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky converse delightfully, and raindrops keep falling on my head when I dance in Hungary. Throw in liberal chunks of Puccini and Harpo Marx, cook for thirty minutes on a medium heat.

Set up the same as last week. Four turntables, no pre-monitoring, lots of junk-shop and found records. A mixer with a delay button. A dansette that has a tendency to get stuck on a groove at any given time.

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1 comment:

Arthur said...

Another excellent aural tidal wave.