Monday, 7 May 2007

Things to make and do .....

This week we went all handicraft in the time-machine, travelling through the ages armed with scissors and blu-tack, making origami animals as we mixed a lockgroovetastic lovefest of jazz, bossa-nova, and spacetime samba.

Four turntables, four broken CDrs, eight pieces of blu-tack, one-delay button, one very late night, one intense time-travelling experience.

To your right is a picture of the inside of our refrigator.

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Conrad said...

I don't understand why you cut the cdr in half. Surely the record would still loop if its was just a whole cd on there. hmm

The Time Travel Musical Bazaar said...

Cutting the CDr in half means you can place it anywhere you want on the surface of the record. With a full CDr it's limited where you can place it because of the spindle on the record player.